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Family portrait photographer in Adelaide Adelaide family photography in the parkI had a whole heap of fun on Sunday with this gorgeous family!  It took a bit of warming up but who doesn’t love throwing leaves around in the park and running down hills at top speed!  It’s been an amazing few weeks in Adelaide for family photography – Autumn this year has been fantastic, I think its safe to say that we caught the tail end of the beautiful Autumn weather for this session.  Thanks so much for having me along to capture the amazing smiles and giggles – I hope to do it again for you soon.  The full gallery can be found here.

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Child Portrait Photographers Kids photography AdelaideThe Botanic Gardens in Adelaide are changing colours by the day at the moment.  It was an early start today for some photos, but well worth it!  A beautiful family and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.  Thanks for letting me photograph the three of you, I hope you enjoy your images in the gallery.

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Family portraits in the park

Family portrait photography Adelaide  Professional Kids PortraitsWhat an amazing family portrait session!  I had a great time this morning with this wonderful family in Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  Smiles all round from the kids and a whole lot of fun.  Dad giving awesome wizzy dizzy’s, leaves everywhere to throw in the air.  I just had to keep a 3 year old from the temptation of rolling down the hill with wet grass!

Thanks for letting me spend some time with you today, I hope you enjoy your portraits as much as I enjoyed creating them for you.  The full gallery can be found here.

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Studio portrait photographers Adelaide

Having kids in the studio is loads of fun, BUT you have to be quick!  Its a little different from photographing outdoors as you have lots to distract and entertain kids “in the wild”.  Photographing pre school children in the studio means you have to be prepared well in advance for the session and be prepared for anything.  For some children, they may never have been photographed with all the big lights – for some this creates a great deal of interest, for others is daunting.  I like to demystify the “equipment” for kids at the beginning of the session by showing them what it does while having fun, asking silly questions and sometimes wearing something stupid on my head….whatever it takes to get genuine smiles!

Studio portraits are all about creating spontaneous moments and not “over posing” children.  Getting them to do something silly and anticipate the  giggles and laughter that follow is what I’m after to create great kids portraits.  Kids portrait sessions are always fun and light hearted and at all costs I avoid 3 words – no, smile and cheeeese.  These words end in over posed, fake smiles that just don’t cut the mustard and in some cases tears.  When a child forces a smile they use a completely different set of facial muscles to a real and natural smile.

Keeping the session moving quickly is important, if something is not working, I like to move on and engage in something the child enjoys.  Being silly during a session works.  I’m sure there are many parents out there that think I’m a nutter after the session, but all of that pales into insignificance when they fall in love with their family portraits.  Getting the kids chatting about something they love and then throwing in a random silly question gets them having a great time.  For younger children, I often have my camera helper (Mr. Frog) who sticks his tongue out and makes silly sounds – he has earnt his keep over the years!

Kids in the studio are great and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you have a portrait session as long as everyone has fun and great portraits are made!

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Adelaide Portrait Photographers Professional portrait photographers AdelaideSaturday the weather was perfect for my family portrait sessions in Adelaide.  Thanks for all your smiles and giggles Charlie!  The full image gallery can be found with all our family portraits here.

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Professional Child Photographer Adelaide

Family Portrait Photography AdelaideThis was one of the lovely families I got to meet on the Easter weekend for a family portrait session.  It was a great opportunity to celebrate the generations and a wonderful birthday present for grandma!  To see all the photos from this family, visit our photo gallery.

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Family Photography Adelaide

Child Photography AdelaideThe weather this school holidays has been amazing (so far!!).  Sure the mornings have been a tad chilly but it’s warming up quickly and you can still enjoy the day without a jumper! For all those mums out there it means our washing is drying without delay – yes it is the small things in life that keep us sane 🙂

Its also great weather for a family portrait session, there were a few families today with the same idea, making the most of the beautiful botanic gardens and surrounding park lands – creating great backdrops for family photos.  These 3 kids rocked their portrait session today.  If you want to see all the photos from the session, visit our family photo gallery.

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Family portraits Adelaide Kids Photographer Adelaide Kids Photography Adelaide Kids Portraits Adelaide

Child photographer AdelaideA very happy first birthday today to Miss Scarlett!  You can view all the photo gallery here.

One year old photo session, Adelaide Family Photographer, Botanic Park, South Australia.

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Family portraits Adelaide

Kids portrait photographer

Best family photographer in Adelaide

Little Sophie is fast becoming my little supermodel – I’ve photographed her 4 times in 12 short months – each time has been an absolute pleasure.  This photo session we visited the botanic gardens in Adelaide for a bit of fun.  There is always something different happening in the gardens, no 2 days are ever the same – new flowers, different weather, one day I’m photographing a bridal party of 10, the next I’m crawling on the ground with a toddler making funny noises to inspire a laugh or two!

This is one special little lady I’m going to enjoy watching grow and change over the years – happy 1st birthday Miss Sophie xx

Visit the full gallery of Sophie’s session here.

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Kinder photographers AdelaideLooking for experienced preschool photographers in Adelaide who love what they do?

Kindy photography is such a rewarding career, I love returning to childcare and preschool centres each year and seeing the children grow in personality and height!  When working with children in preschools, minimising disruption to the centre and capturing beautiful, fun images is a priority.

Centres are not charged for our photography services, and we include complimentary individual staff photos and class photos to the centre after photo day.  Our parents receive high quality professional edited and printed images, and if for any reason parents are not satisfied with their portraits, we offer a 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked.  To suit a range of budgets we offer packages starting from just $20.

Our product range grows each year – along side the traditional kindy portraits in professional folders we offer parents packages that include keytags, wallet prints and our ever popular fridge calendar magnets.  We offer families the convenience of paying via credit card or cash and even offer a reorder service post photo day for those extra portraits needed to fill the family Christmas order!

Photo packages are delivered back to the childcare centre within 3 weeks, we know you don’t want to wait too long to see your kindy portraits. We are proud to say we source our supplies from Australian companies, with quality, not cost, being our number one consideration.

Our calendar fridge magnets are included in our top selling preschool photo package, everyone loves a photo of themselves on the fridge!

Sibling photo packages are catered for in both our studio and candid kindy photo days.  In 2014 we have created a value for money  family mega pack!

Candid photo days are always loads of fun – playing games of hide and seek is always a hit with kindy kids!

Studio portraits are always a favourite in childcare centres.  We can even customise the backdrop for your centre!

If you would like to book your centres photo day with us in 2014, we would love to hear from you. Either call us on 0438 267 269 or contact us via the contact form on the website.  We look forward to photographing your smiles and giggles in 2014!