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Portrait ideas for teenagers As the years pass by so quickly these days, family photos hold a special place in our hearts.  We look back on them fondly and reminisce over the tiny details and how quickly our children have grown.  Just recently my almost 3 year old has started telling me “I’m your best friend mummy”.  It makes my heart melt every time, and I know in a few short years that will be replaced by “whatever mum” – a harsh reality for any mum!
Kids portraits in the park
You want to capture these precious days, the innocence and purity in your children.  Where do you start looking for family portrait ideas to create some beautiful family photos?

You want an image that will stand the test of time and not look back in 15 years and think – that was a wacky photoshop effect from the turn of the century!  More importantly you want classic clothing (and we all know that fashion goes in cycles) that although the cut of the jeans will probably date, jeans in themselves will always be jeans.

Here is a link to a couple of site I think have some great advice for “what to wear” for a family portrait session



Some sound and solid advice from these websites, don’t you think?
Kids photography Adelaide
Now your clothing is sorted, some photography ideas to create great family photos. Do you like the park or beach? Autumn colours or the brilliant blues of a summer’s day?  Spend some time looking at the colours in your room, where you would like to hang your new family portrait collection?  Ideas are plentiful, so talk to us  about what artwork you would like to display after your family portrait session.  As professional photographers, we will be able to help you create family portrait ideas that you will proudly display in your home for years.
Family photos at the beach