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Adelaide pregnancy photography studioPreparing for your maternity photography session

Its such a fleeting time, and forgotten so quickly – pregnancy.  Towards the end of pregnancy, many women choose to visit the studio and create maternity portraits.  Some create artwork for their walls, some choose to design a personal intimate album of their session to reflect back on in years to come.

I’ve decided to put together a few hints and tips to help you prepare for your session using the most asked questions I get about pregnancy photos.

1. When should I book my maternity session?

It’s best to book your maternity session when you are around 34-36 weeks pregnant.  Your belly will be nice and round without being super uncomfortable.  There is quite a bit of posing involved in a pregnancy shoot to create those gorgeous lines, being at the very end of your pregnancy can be uncomfortable when holding poses for more than a few seconds.  If you are expecting twins or triplets, being closer to 30 weeks gestation is recommended.

2. What should I wear?

If you have something special you would like to be photographed in, wear it to your session.  Otherwise the studio has a wide range of drapes and wraps to show of your baby bump.  I always ask mums to be to wear nude underwear, it works for most sessions.  Also bring along a pair of black briefs as a second option.  Avoid tight fitting clothes 2 hours prior to your session, it minimizes markings on your skin, especially around your tummy.

3. To tan or not to tan?

Please don’t – you will look more orange than you think.  If you are having photos with your partner and or children during the session, it will be more obvious than not.  In post production its easier to enhance your natural skin tone to make sure you are glowing than to remove fake tan – especially around hands etc where it tends to not cover as evenly.

4. How much makeup should I wear?

Keep your makeup light and natural looking – its the age old – less is best approach and it works.

5. I have a specific shot I’d like to try during my session…

Great! Let me know well in advance of your session.  Planning is the key to creating stunning images.  We can chat about what it is you are after and work through the logistics prior to the session.  In the event I need to prepare something specifically to create something for you it needs to be arranged prior to arriving at the studio.

6. Should I have a studio or outdoor session?

The choice is yours.  If you love the look of images on the beach – guess where we are headed?  Keep in mind the time of year.  Many maternity clients choose the comfort and privacy of the studio, especially over the cooler months.  If you are in the great outdoors, we make and clothing changes as discreetly as possible – but if you want to show off that bump for your photos you may at times have some interested onlookers.  The studio on the other hand can be heated or cooled to suit your taste, and if your keen full nude poses are an option (but I’ll never force you to do anything beyond your comfort zone).

More information about maternity and pregnancy photography sessions can be found on our website.

If you have any further suggestions for information about maternity sessions you would like to see added here – drop me an email or use the contact form, I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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Adelaide Pregnancy Photography StudioPregnancy photography is an exciting time – you are about to welcome the newest member to your family! Our aim during a maternity photo session is to make you feel beautiful and look amazing, being sensitive, subtle and creating amazing images you will love.  We want you images to stand the test of time, to be able to look back in a generation or even two and be proud of the art we create together.

Studio sessions allow privacy no matter what the weather is outdoors.  We keep backgrounds clean and simple, your beautiful curves and the light create fine art pieces that will adorn your walls.  Nothing else is required to tell the story.

Outdoors we can create your images with beautiful surroundings, a stunning sunset beach on a warm Summers night or a park at dawn in the crisp Autumn air – every season there are many opportunities to work with.

It’s best to contact us before you are 7 months pregnant for a session in the eighth month.  Many women choose to have their maternity portrait session as close to their due date as possible but consider getting in a little earlier, we want you to feel beautiful and confident during your session.

Everyone asks what should I wear?  If you plan on wearing one or two of our many wraps and maternity gowns, simply wear nude colour underwear. Bring a second set of dark coloured briefs and bra to allow for other options.  Our maternity gowns are one size fits most, we can have a chat prior to your session if you have seen a particular gown on our website you would like included to ensure availability.  If you are planning a studio session bring along any items of undergarments you would like to use.  You can show as little or as much skin as you wish.  You are always photographed by a female photographer and we always ensure your images are tasteful and discretion is used at all times.

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Pregnancy photography AdelaideYou’re expecting a baby – its a time of anticipation and excitement – and lets face it a few nerves too!

Your body never feels the same as it does when you are about to bring another life into the world. Pregnancy is a special time in any women’s life and many women are now choosing to capture this fleeting time with maternity photography. Not everyone wants to have a larger than life canvas on the lounge room wall of their home, but a tasteful collection of beautiful images that can be privately viewed as a reminder of the bond only a mother and baby can share.

Choosing a maternity photographer you will trust to create beautiful, timeless and tasteful images is an important decision. Spend some time searching maternity photos online to get an idea of the look and feel you would like for your images. As a female photographer with 2 small children I can remember vividly how I did not always feel “radiant”, particularly in the last trimester of my pregnancies, however I cherish my maternity portraits as they remind me of this special time in my life.