Kids Photos Adelaide

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Kids photos AdelaideSchool holidays have been and gone – its been quite a while since I’ve taken time out to photograph my own kids.  I fixed that last week!  My eldest boy is loosing teeth at a rate of knots and growing up in so many ways.  My baby boy – as a kindy kid makes me smile with his fascination and enthusiasm for his world.  To top it all off, they are both enjoying each others company and for the most part playing harmoniously together. It’s a beautiful age and I’m soaking it up!  This photo was a result of dragging a toy wagon a good distance through the park on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in the hope of getting a photo of my 2 boys having some fun.  A small slope, fallen Autumn leaves and a desire to crash in to the bushes at the bottom of the “hill” resulted in portraits of my boys that will make it to my walls!  These photos are not just pictures to me – they are a beautiful memory of a wonderful outing with my boys – carefree spirits – and a time in their lives where life is wonderful, without pressure.  I really am living the dream – I get to enjoy my kids by taking time out during the school holidays, and have a career that I love – not too many people can say that, and I’m grateful.  Life is good. x