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photographing-older-babies-informationMany newborn photographers will tell you that babies need to be photographed during the first 2 weeks after their entrance into the world.  This in theory is great but what happens if you have only just realised you want those adorable newborn baby photos and your baby has already had their 3rd week birthday?

Don’t despair, yes it’s great to see babies in the studio for their newborn photo session before they become a lot more aware of their surroundings, BUT photographing beyond that 14 day mark opens up a whole world of opportunity for different images.  Your baby will be more alert during their session and in most cases we manage wide awake baby photos with little ones engaging with the camera.  Funny expressions and chubby cheeks are some of the delights of photographing newborns and babies that are that little bit older.

Not all older newborns will curl into tight little balls but after years of photographing baby sessions in the studio, I’ve become pretty handy with wrapping older babies – there are not too many Houdini’s out there that manage to get their little hands out when I get my super wrapping skills on.  Working with babies of any age is all about embracing their individuality, working with the babies personality.  If your little one is happy and enjoying the cosy warm studio, many beautiful photos are begging to be taken.

Lots of mums I speak to before their session say “I hope my baby sleeps and doesn’t cry during their session”.  Very few babies arrive for their newborn photos asleep, but rest assured I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve to calm and relax your little one – and I promise not to bribe them with a freddo frog….  The best thing any parent can do to help achieve beautiful baby portraits is to stay calm and relaxed on the morning of their photo shoot, arrive at the studio without any preconceived ideas and enjoy the experience.  A baby who cry’s is just telling us they are hungry, tired or need attending to.  Once we give a baby what they need, in almost all cases they are content and we can move on with the session.  This is true whether your baby is 7 days or 7 weeks old.  Your baby is incharge of their session, we are there to meet all their needs.

If you are a parent who has already welcomed your little one into the world, I’d love to hear from you.  There is no such thing as “too old” for a photo session.  If you would like to see some of my adorable “older newborns and babies” take a look at the baby gallery.  The little man in the photo on this post was 6 weeks old at the time this photo was taken , just divine!