Pregnancy Photography in Adelaide

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Pregnancy photography AdelaideYou’re expecting a baby – its a time of anticipation and excitement – and lets face it a few nerves too!

Your body never feels the same as it does when you are about to bring another life into the world. Pregnancy is a special time in any women’s life and many women are now choosing to capture this fleeting time with maternity photography. Not everyone wants to have a larger than life canvas on the lounge room wall of their home, but a tasteful collection of beautiful images that can be privately viewed as a reminder of the bond only a mother and baby can share.

Choosing a maternity photographer you will trust to create beautiful, timeless and tasteful images is an important decision. Spend some time searching maternity photos online to get an idea of the look and feel you would like for your images. As a female photographer with 2 small children I can remember vividly how I did not always feel “radiant”, particularly in the last trimester of my pregnancies, however I cherish my maternity portraits as they remind me of this special time in my life.